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InfoEd Global offers a full range of professional services to help you maximize the value of your InfoEd software. InfoEd Global has all the resources your organization needs to successfully guide your projects from strategy to completion.

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Industry Expert Consulting

  • Business Process Reviews

    InfoEd Professional Services Consultants meet with both the functional users and business owners at an organization to gain and understanding of their current business practices and how they use InfoEd.

    From this, the consultants are able to document the client’s current state/organizational process, analyze potential gaps in process and make recommendations for a future state.

  • Research Process & Accreditation Consulting

    Consulting Services provides research organizations with business process analysis to streamline their processes, maximize the efficiency of their offices and ensure compliance with standards for accreditation.

    Research Process Consulting can include, but is not limited to, business practice recommendations, Workflow analysis, incorporating reporting into business processes and accreditation compliance evaluation

Data & Technical Team Services

  • Data Conversions/Import/Export

    Professional Services has performed hundreds of data conversions, allowing organizations to move data from other systems directly into InfoEd OR a non InfoEd related tool. Clients work directly with our experienced Integration Consultants to determine what data should be moved, where it should be moved to, and how it displays in the InfoEd application.

  • Data Manipulation

    Rather than moving data from another system to InfoEd, our Integration Consultants can also move data within InfoEd or within a non-InfoEd System. This can include items such as, but not limited to repeatable data purge scripts, merging objects within the system, changing/mMigrating department structures, combining/moving Codes and Tables and combining/merging personnel records.

  • System Integrations

    Web Services and API offer organizations the ability to retrieve, and potentially send, data to and from InfoEd in real time. The staging area approach which is used when possible removes the need to interact with client legacy data systems, which means that we can integrate with just about anything.

  • Reporting - 3rd Party/InfoEd Tool

    InfoEd Consultants can help organizations determine what reports they require, how to build them, or even train users how to build the reports themselves. In addition, InfoEd Consultants can construct views and data marts to organize client data and allow for more accessible reporting.

  • eForm/Batch Communication Development

    InfoEd Consultants are able to assist development on, or construct entirely, eForms and Batch Communications which are essential to the way organizations interact with InfoEd. Allow InfoEd to enable you to bring your eforms to the next level, using HTML and Javascript to enhance the look and feel as well as functionality and make updates to existing batch comm’s or eforms based on new institutional needs.

  • Web Services, ESA/FSA – Secure Data Loading and Transfer

    Making use of staging table approach, InfoEd Professional Services is capable of creating repeatable processes to load or alter data, sometimes even including the ability to create brand new records in the system. Can be used for financial Data, Personnel HR Data, or any other record data to get it into and out of the InfoEd system easily and automatically.

  • Authentication and Single Sign on Services

    Many customers choose to integrate InfoEd with Centralized Authentication systems, such as LDAP or Microsoft® Active Directory®; or Single-Sign-On systems, such as Shibboleth®, or SiteMinder®. Our solutions accommodate most common Web security and Web access management systems.

Testing & Test Script Development & Documentation Creation

  • Test Script Development

    Utilizing their experience in testing the InfoEd application and their knowledge of the client’s business processes, InfoEd Consultants are able to assist the development of, or construct entirely, test scripts for organizations to efficiently and effectively test their business processes in InfoEd.

  • Documentation

    InfoEd Consultants can help organizations create documentation that is tailored directly to their business processes.

IT Team Services

  • Upgrades

    InfoEd’s IT Services can provide upgrades for clients on unsupported environments. Services include but are not limited to performing the upgrade on the institution’s behalf, conducting Server validation prior to the upgrade, and shadowing an institution while their own team performs the upgrade.

  • Data Refreshes

    Data Refreshes are another service offered by InfoEd’s IT Services, and allow organizations the ability to fully copy their data in one environment to another environment. Some choose to schedule these on a regular basis, monthly, annually, etc. This service has a fixed price, however there are value packages that can also be purchased.

  • Server Configuration

    InfoEd’s IT Services also offers the ability to configure/triage database and application servers for an organization. This can include interacting with an organization’s Active Directory, LDAP, 3rd party applications or configuring their Application and Database servers.

Professional Services At A Glance

  Consulting Training & Documentation Data Integration IT Services
Business Process Reviews Included Included Included Included
Research Administration Included Included Included
Mod Admin Services Included Included
Server Configurations / Upgrades Included Included Included
Data Conversions Included Included Included Included
Rollout Plans Included Included
Web Services/ESA/FSA Included Included Included
System Integration Included Included
Testing & Test Script Development Included Included

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